Meetings on Mt. Shasta

Leaving a sleep of peace

Through a bath of clear water

To a chamber of healing

I reach the trailhead.

Climbing towards the southwest ridge

I turn at the last cairn

To see below a dry lake bed

With a medicine circle of stones, which I circle three times

Asking permission to enter.
A cricket sings a full minute

In its center is a small pyramid

Which I repair

I offer a prayer to the mountain
"We rebuild the world with the pollination of spirit."

A bee lands on the pyramid, humming in the windless high screes.

I meditate with this bee for five minutes, after which I lay prone
whereupon the bee flies to the third finger of my hand

We commune together minutes longer

Some rocks are like Navajo pottery. Everything is a symbol
of everything else, each journey a journey through the one
heart of creation

As I leave the circle, crow calls

Walking down the mountain I lick
my finger, sweet from the anointing.

The tumulus of return...

(Alan Trist, August 10, 2007, Mt. Shasta, CA)